Petrungaro Plastic Surgery
Tummy Tuck: Does swelling after cause weight gain?

After a tummy tuck you should technically weigh a bit less. It is not a weight-loss surgery, however. I typically tell my patients they might be 3-5 pounds lighter depending on how much skin and fat I remove. I also make it very clear that they are NOT to focus on how much weight they lose. Focus on how you now look with a fabulous new tummy!

Swelling does occur after the surgery. This is typically not very significant, at least not enough to cause a dramatic weight GAIN. In the first few weeks after your tummy tuck, don’t be surprised if your weight fluctuates. In fact, don’t even weigh yourself, it will mean nothing and your long-term weight won’t be evident for at least 6-8 weeks.

Most of your swelling should be gone after a few months. By 6 months you have a very good idea of your final results. But it takes one full year for your surgeon to be able to say definitively that you are completely healed and that you will no longer see any real changes in your tummy.

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