How long does it take a Mastopexy scar to heal and fade? Do you regain full sensation to the nipples?

There are many ways to perform a mastopexy. Surgical scars need on average 6-12 months to fade and settle. To be completely honest, a scar isn’t completely mature until 12 months after surgery. Many factors go into a scar healing, including your genetics, your nutrition, and you following postoperative instructions such as no strenuous exercise for 6-8 weeks after surgery.

Any time we make a cut on your body, it leaves a scar. We as Plastic Surgeons make the best scars, but if you look very closely you will be able to see the cut. If all heals well, it will be almost impossible to see the scars. And on a mastopexy, most people will only see you with your clothing or bathing suit on, so it isn’t an issue.

I like to use silicone scar sheeting after surgery to help minimize scarring.

As far as nipple sensation, it is rare to completely lose it after a mastopexy. You may lose some, but it typically completely returns within a few months. There is always a small chance that you may permanently lose some sensation.

Jason Petrungaro
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