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Do you have excess pockets of fat you want removed from your body?

There were nearly 250,000 liposuction cases performed in the US in 2017, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It is consistently one of the top cosmetic procedure performed in the United States. The reason for its popularity lies in its ability to help patients target and remove stubborn areas of fat that they have found very difficult to treat with diet and exercise alone. It is a very versatile procedure that can be performed on almost any body part, making it highly customizable.

We have all seen the commercials and television shows marketing weight loss pills and fad diets that promise to melt fat away. The reality is that there is no scientific evidence that any of these modalities actually do anything, and some of them can be downright dangerous to your health. The best way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. When this fails and you just can’t get rid of that fatty area in your belly, back, arms, or legs, it is time to consider liposuction with Munster Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Doctor Jason Petrungaro, who will be happy to help you achieve the body contours you have always wanted.

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Liposuction surgeon Dr. Jason Petrungaro MD FACS near Chicago in Munster, IN

Doctor Petrungaro is a board certified Plastic Surgeon who has successfully completed many years of surgical training in all aspects of liposuction. He is well versed in the established traditional methods as well as the latest and most innovative techniques in liposuction. He listens to his patients and respects their goals and wishes, and will always go the extra mile to deliver the most beautiful results possible. If you are searching for a Plastic Surgeon who can provide you with beautiful results from your liposuction coupled with the highest standards of patient safety and care, NW Indiana and Chicago liposuction surgeon Doctor Jason Petrungaro will be happy to consult with you and help you achieve that slimmer, healthier look that you have been seeking!


If you are interested in liposuction and have questions or concerns, please feel free to call Doctor Jason Petrungaro at (219) 836-1163 or click to schedule a consultation online.

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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction, also known as suction-assisted lipectomy, slims and reshapes specific areas of the body by surgically removing excess fat deposits, improving your body contours and proportion, and ultimately enhancing your self-image. Liposuction is performed by literally “sucking out” the fat of the target area, hence the term liposuction. Small incisions are made in the target area followed by the infusion of fluid containing local anesthetic and epinephrine (a.k.a. adrenaline). After this, a slender hollow cannula (resembling a very long hypodermic needle) is advanced through the skin incisions and into the areas of fat. The liposuction machine continuously sucks out the actual fat tissue as the cannula is passed back and forth, allowing the area to immediately slim down and produce a thinner contour.

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Actual Liposuction Patients of Dr. Jason Petrungaro MD FACS
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Who is a Candidate for Liposuction Surgery?

This procedure is for men or women who have localized areas of resistant fat deposits on their body that they cannot get rid of through diet and exercise. You are a good candidate for this procedure if:

You are in good health
You are at or near your ideal weight
You do not anticipate any future large fluctuations in weight (specifically weight gain)
You have a realistic expectation of results

It is important to realize that liposuction is not a weight loss surgery, it is a surgery designed to contour the body. Do not expect to lose a certain number of pounds after liposuction. It is not intended to and does NOT treat obesity; however, it can be a permanent solution to ridding your body of unsightly fat deposits in specific body areas that just won’t go away no matter how hard you work.

In addition, liposuction can be combined with breast augmentation surgery, breast lifts, and other procedures including a tummy tuck during a “Mommy Makeover.”

What areas can be treated using liposuction?

Upper arms
Back & flanks
Abdomen and waist
Calves & ankles
Chest (male breasts)
Hips & buttocks
Neck & chin
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Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction is typically an outpatient procedure done in either a surgery center or in the doctor’s office. It can be done under general anesthesia or it can be done with just some mild sedation. Prior to surgery, Doctor Petrungaro will draw marks around the fatty areas on your body that he will target during the procedure. He will then make small skin incisions in strategic areas that will allow him to insert the liposuction cannulas. At this time “tumescent” fluid containing local anesthetic and epinephrine is injected into the area using a similar type of long cannula. This fluid helps numb the area and significantly reduce bleeding. Liposuction then begins using the liposuction cannula, which is inserted into the fatty area and passed back and forth multiple times, sucking out the fat. The area being treated will be examined multiple times during the procedure to make sure all the targeted fat has been removed, there are no uneven spots, and that the contour is smooth. Once the procedure is concluded, you will be placed into a compression garment designed for the body part treated. Once you have recovered, you are typically sent home with clinic follow up in a few days.

Liposuction Methods

Liposuction is a safe treatment that has seen many significant advances in technique and options over the past 20 years. There are three main methods used by Plastic Surgeons today including tumescent liposuction, ultrasound-assisted liposuction, laser-assisted liposuction.

  • Tumescent Liposuction or Suction-Assisted Liposuction (SAL)

This is the most common method used today. The method refers to injecting the treatment area with a large volume of an anesthetic solution containing lidocaine and epinephrine prior to the procedure. This causes tumescence, or swelling, of the tissue as well as a constriction of the blood vessels which greatly reduces any bleeding during the treatment. The anesthetic is so effective at blocking pain that liposuction does not necessarily need general anesthesia, although many patients still prefer this. Once the tumescent solution is injected, a small hollow tube attached to a vacuum is inserted through a small incision into the fat layer beneath the skin. It is moved back and forth to break up the fat, which is then sucked out of the body.

  • Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL)

Ultrasound assisted liposuction uses a special cannula that vibrates very rapidly and gives off ultrasound energy. As the cannula passes through the fat cells, that energy liquefies the fat cells, which are then suctioned out of the body. UAL is a great method for large volume liposuction, or areas with ‘tough’ fat such as the back. It is also used to treat enlarged male breast conditions. This method is not recommended for use in removing fat from the inner thighs, knees, face, or neck.

  • Laser-Assisted Liposuction (LAL)

Laser-assisted liposuction, introduced in 2007, is one of the newest liposuction techniques. This laser technology produces a burst of energy that liquefies the fat being treated. Similar to the other techniques, laser-assisted liposuction requires the use of tumescent solution and standard liposuction techniques to suck out the liquefied fat. Laser-assisted liposuction is also believed to stimulate collagen production in the skin, which may offer some additional skin-tightening benefits. The only study that has scientifically compared this to standard liposuction has found no differences between these techniques in terms of the results.

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Liposuction Recovery*

Recovery from liposuction is relatively straightforward. Pain is well-controlled during the first week with oral prescription pain medications. Depending on the extent of the surgery and how many body parts treated, you will be required to stay home from work for 1-3 days. It is important to wear your compression garment at all times because it is designed to help reduce swelling and compress the skin back down onto the body in the area that was treated. You will notice results immediately after surgery, but it will take a few months for all of the swelling to subside and for your skin to contract and scar back down into place. As with all cosmetic procedures, it may take up to one full year to see the absolute final results.

Liposuction Results*

Your new body contour and profile will continue to improve during the year following your surgery. It is important to adopt and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to insure that your results will last and that you love your new look for years to come.


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