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Receiving the Best Results From Your Breast Augmentation

Today, breast augmentation is a very popular procedure performed all over the world. As the name suggests, your breast size is increased by surgically inserting breast implants. While this procedure is now one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed, there are certain things that you can do before, during and after breast augmentation to make sure that you achieve the best results.

For starters, if you are at all uncertain about what size breast you want, it is important to try out some breast sizers. If you have never heard of this tool before, it allows you to see what your chest will look like after breast augmentation. This way you can get a real feel for what your ultimate appearance will be, helping to get rid of any uncertainty you may have about the surgery. Now you don’t have to wonder what you’ll look like — you can get a very accurate idea of how you will look prior to surgery.  I use the Mentor breast sizing system, which allows the patient to insert different sized prosthetic breasts into the bra and then look in the mirror and make an assessment.

Besides this, you will also get the best results out of breast augmentation if you choose a board certified Plastic Surgeon who can handle your needs. In other words, you want someone who has the experience and expertise to deliver the results you want. You want someone who takes as much time as needed with their patients to make sure they understand every step of the process. With breast augmentation, you need to feel that you are very capable, caring hands.

It is also very important to show up to your consultation fully prepared. Consultations are a time when you really get to see what your Plastic Surgeon can do for you. This is your chance to ask questions and learn more about the surgeon’s schooling and background. To get the best results, take full advantage of this time.  Develop a strong rapport with the doctor, and remember that once you proceed with surgery, the two of you are now part of a team!

Finally, you have to comply with all the rules and instructions set forth by your Plastic Surgeon to get the best results. During and after your consultation, I will give you detailed instructions that you must adhere to in order to properly prepare for your procedure. Some of these instructions will include making sure to avoid certain kinds of medications before surgery and stopping some lifestyle choices like smoking. By following these rules, you will help yourself achieve the best results from your breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation gives you the opportunity to enhance your chest, allowing you to look and feel better than ever before. With this wonderful procedure, you are able to achieve the appearance you have always wanted.

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